little gymnastVanessa was born at 1 am on an April morning in Oklahoma City, OK. She started her first gymnastics class at 2 years old with the most amazing bowl cut hair you’ve ever seen, (Please, hold your jealousy until the end) and memorized her first musical, “Les Miserables” at the age of 4. A favorite early gig was prancing around the living room amongst her parents guests belting out everyone’s favorite song about prostitutes: ”Lovely Ladies.” Thanks retroactively family, for the early freedom of expression. As a teen she began studying with Tamara Long, who originated several roles on Broadway and became an important mentor. At 16, Vanessa began her professional career apprenticing at the Equity house Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, and received her first film role in “Sam and Janet” which you can see on Lifetime Movie Network!

Vanessa studied Musical Theatre as a BFA student at College of Santa Fe in New Mexico and the University of Central Oklahoma. After receiving her Bachelor of Music, Vanessa moved to New York City where wonderful acting opportunities took her all over the country, satisfying her gypsy heart. She has appeared in several Off-Broadway shows, belonged to an awesome improv group, and continued her classical theatre training with great acting teachers at The Barrow Group, The American Globe Theater, and The Pearl Theatre. In November 2013, Vanessa became a company member of Theatre East, also donning the hat of their Manager of Individual Giving.

In the Spring of 2017, Vanessa made the leap and moved to Los Angeles, to continue her acting path as well as further pursuing writing and making her own films. She is always on the lookout for like-minded collaborators to help bring her visions to life, and vice versa. 

Vanessa also dances and trains in Lyra (Aerial Hoop). All of these abilities aid in her secret/public quest to be a total bad-ass. In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys speaking of herself in the third person. Also… well… a lady must retain some mystery. Feel like worshipping her yet? In time my friends, in time…









Vanessa has always had a very deep connection with animals, especially horses and dogs, which made her initially want to be a veterinarian as a child. If there was an animal anywhere near her, odds are she would be right there giving it love! As an adult, Vanessa volunteers with animals shelters to give back to the animals that have brought so much love into her life. If you are also looking for ways to give back, or want a snuggly pet of your own, check out these deserving programs she is associated with!Smaller Munchkin with Toto

The Children’s Ranch Foundation

Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue