What People Are Saying

“Vanessa is the kind of professional we’re all striving to work with. Her vibrance and enthusiasm imbue everyone with energy and raise the team’s desire to give its best effort.” Dina Epshtyn, Director

Special notice to Vanessa Lauren Gamble for her gender-bending and sassy interpretation of Guildenstern. Instead of playing the character as a vapid yes-man to Claudius, she shows some spirit and injects some welcome comic relief into this dark play. – Deirdre Donovan, CurtainUp Critic

“Vanessa Lauren Gamble makes a strong impression in a non-traditional turn as Guildenstern, maximizing the small role without making a caricature out of it.” – Mariana Howard, NY Theatre Guide Reviewer

“Oldschool” (the English translation of one of her Deutsch last names) is a diamond in the rough for any director, a uniquely funny and energetic talent with a lot of emotional range, vocally trained with a killer set of pipes and theatre experience, Vanessa can blend in to several supporting and character parts, infusing them with a life that would immediately call for a spotlight.. forget scene-stealer, this girl has the potential to be a movie stealer. Her improvisational abilities and comedic timing are sharp and with giant “boo-hoo’ish” eyes she will draw you in and level you down. Cast her. And mention my name… I get like twenty bucks. Every penny counts, folks. – David Spaltro, Director